Economics Search Engine

ESE uses a beta version of Google Custom Search Engine to search over 23,000 economics websites and utilizes yolink to mine results and retrieve actionable, keyword-rich content. Results can saved to Google Docs, bookmarked or shared via major social networks. Each site is certified by RFE, which is run by economists from RePec Author Services and EDIRC.

ESE offers a "Search Plugin" for Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0 as well as FireFox 2.x and 3.x users that allow you to initiate searches directly from a search box in your browser.

The search results from Google are enhanced by Yolink. Among other features, for every search result, you will see surrounding text from that page, so you can put the search results into context. One can also bookmark, e-mail, and share your search results. This feature can be turned on or off by clicking on the text under the search box.

I would like to thank Hal Varian for pointing out CSEs to me, as well as Othar Hansson and other Google employees for technical support. Thomas Krichel was instrumental for access to the RAS database.

Please contact Bill Goffe with any feedback you might have.

Economics Search Engine